At Camino Al Norte Animal Hospital, we take immense pride in our highly skilled ability to perform veterinary surgeries when your pet needs it most. Our experienced team of doctors and staff make it their number one priority to focus on pain management, patient safety, and employing the most current surgical practices to ensure your pet receives the best veterinary care around. Our team will be working with you before, during and after surgery to address any questions or concerns you may have about the procedure, anesthesia, or postoperative care.

Surgeries are performed Monday thru Saturday, but our staff is prepared for an emergency that should come in unexpectedly. An appointment is generally required, and we request that you check in with your pet between 7am-9am on weekdays and 8am-9am Saturday. Unless it is an emergency, we do not schedule routine surgical procedures on Sunday. Please allow yourself time when checking in your pet in for surgery. Here at Camino Al Norte Animal Hospital, we want to ensure that your pet receives the highest quality of care, which is why we take the time to conduct a thorough check in. Thank you for your patience in advance.

In an effort to ensure the safety of your pet, the owner or person checking in your pet must be at least 18 years of age, provide us with current contact information, must confirm that their pet has not had anything to eat since 10pm the night before, and has had limited water intake. Any food and water consumed earlier than this poses a risk for your pet while under anesthesia.

Vaccinations must be current for all patients having elective procedures, and we strongly recommend pre-operative blood work. Our patients are monitored throughout surgery using EKG/pulse oximeters, IV fluids and pain medication is administered through and IV catheter as well. When your pet is ready to be checked out of the hospital, please allow yourself some time to consult with your pet’s surgery doctor or technician. They will provide you with post-surgery instructions and go over pain management based on your pet’s procedure. You will also be asked to schedule a recheck appointment as well.

Consulting with your primary care veterinarian is advised when scheduling any surgery for your pet. Please contact our office at (702) 304-8387 for more information and to schedule a surgical consultation for your pet.