Our veterinarians and staff at Camino Al Norte Animal Hospital believe that one of the most important aspects of caring for your pet’s health is vaccinating them against potential diseases. Vaccinations offer protection against major viral and bacterial diseases that cats and dogs may be exposed to, most of which are preventable.  It has become more common to travel with pets.  Airlines are expanding their options for pet travels. While we want our pet family to enjoy their travels, it is important to remember that viruses can spread and potential risks can vary from state to state.  Interacting at dog parks, boarding pets, and even the occasional back yard gathering can also pose potential risks for your pets.  Our hospital and staff want to provide the highest level of care for your pet.  Pets at any age are susceptible to disease, but are particularly vulnerable at their younger life stages.  Vaccinations are an integral part of your pet’s overall health.

Following a proper vaccination schedule will help to ensure that you are doing your part to keep your pet healthy and free from any potential risks.  While rabies is a legal requirement, there are numerous diseases that can negatively impact the health of your pet.  In fact, there are areas within our city that make it a requirement to license your pet.  Pet licensing helps prevent the spreading of rabies, which is 100% fatal for humans if not treated properly, promotes responsible pet ownership, and reduces the tragedies associated with lost pets and pet over-population.

For more information regarding licensing please contact our office at (702) 304-8387, or you can learn more at and search pet licenses