We know there’s nothing worse than a stinky pet and that’s why we offer basic bathing and grooming services at Camino Al Norte Animal Hospital. Our baths are uniquely formulated to remove even the toughest dirt, debris and odor. If your pet has a scratching problem, our medicated baths contain soothing agents that work to stop the itching. Additional services include sanitary shaves, some shaves, anal gland expression, and nail trims. When you pick up your pet they will be looking and paw-sitivley fabulous!


For the health and wellness of cats and dogs being groomed, all pets must be up to date on all vaccines Should your pet have special needs, please contact your pet’s veterinarian to discuss alternative options. Please call for pricing (702) 304-8387

Services Offered


Nail Trim

Anal Gland

Nail Trim Dremel


Special Handling

Dental -must come in for a free Dental Exam


Da2p(Distemper) Vaccine

Parvovirus Vaccine

Bordetella Vaccine

K9 Influenza Vaccine If you pet has not been boosted for this vaccine, there will be an initial 2 booster process. Your pet’s veterinarian can go over booster protocols.

Rabies Vaccine

Corona Vaccine (not affiliated with COVID-19)

Lyme Vaccine

Leptospirosis Vaccine



ENT-FVRC Vaccine

Leukemia Vaccine

Health Certificates

Domestic Health Certificate

International Health Certificate